Monday, October 16, 2006

Can you believe how cute I was?

I wanted Dad to post this to remind him and you that despite my lapses in behaviour, and my rather large size, I am but a puppy. Milestones are reached, and passed. For example, I have been with my family for longer than I was at my Kennel!! You think this occassion would be marked, but it passed without so much as an extra biscuit. Heh Ho.
I heard my Dad talking to another Dog owner out on the field the other day. he was refering to grumpy old dogs coat. Frankly, its not crufts. Its not even Furball. Dad used the expression Benign neglect. Its not neglect, as in left to feed from the bin, and not having any fun, treats, or games. Its the opposite, plently of food, bed rights, games, sort of over indulgence, without the griefy bits. Frankly, who likes this amount of brushing.....we're not show dogs, we're pets!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

No post for a week, so thought you better have a couple of pictures.

I am geting a little bit camera shy, and spotted a chance to put an end to all this posing and snapping. As Dad lined me up for yet another picture, he left the strap dangling, well, I am a puppy, so I had to really. I was expecting a shout at for this, not for him to take the picture anyway. I sort of gave up at that point.

The second picture is more of me in my element. My Dad says I will grow into my ears, I am not so sure. All that flapping about helps to keep me cool.

I continue to grow at an alarming rate, no doubt past the 16 kgs point now. I have outgrown my bed, and almost the puppy cage. My first collar will be replaced soon. Its all rather exciting.

Dad keeps telling me I am on probabtion. The main issues are briefly..

1. He gets up early, and wanders into the bathroom. I will then sneak into the bed, and kip on the warm bit. Not too much of a problem, but I get timings confused sometimes. On several occassions, he will get up in the night, and come back to bed, to find a lump of Old English Sheepdog occupying the space. He occassionaly uses bad words at this point, and its unhappy bunnies all round..snot my fault he gets up at odd times!!

2. I get excited, its a puppy thing. I am small, they are big, I bounce. I also communicate with my mouth, nips and licks. This causes a few problems, as I often get the two confused. Most visitors get a lick, a few may have been nipped, but I am not accepting any liability. The ear story is just a one off thing. Its not like a diet or something.

Happy days!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Err, the top one should be the middle one.

These three photos show the increase in size of this puppy between 19/8/2006 and 7/10/2006.

1. Compare and contrast the state of the cuddly toy.
2. Note the relative sizes of the toys head to Alfies head.
3. Note the presense of Newspaper in top photo, and ask yourself why a large chunk is missing in third photo. ( there is a clue in the word missing, as in missing the paper )

This Blog is only updated occassionally because I have a bone in my foot.

Friday, September 15, 2006

My name is Alfie, I am an Old English Sheep Dog, and I am 12 weeks old today.
At 42 inches long ( see 2nd post at bottom of this blog ) and 10.4 kgs, the cuddles I get in the picture above, with my Mum, are not going to happen for much longer!

Other vital statistics:

I hit the paper 7/10 times, room for improvement.
I can sleep all night in the bathroom, on the nice stone floor.
I am getting better at being on the lead, except when a bus or a motorscooter goes by.
I have not been connected with or in any way associated with any ear whatsoever, again.
I am allowed to lay down next to grumpy old dog.

I have developed a taste for socks. This causes Mum and Dad a few problems, especially when those socks are being put on the children. hey ho.

Basically, all things being considered, I quite like my new family.


Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I am staggered that it has taken my Dad a week to update this blog.

For starters, I am huge. Check the top photo. This is the third image with my favority toy, and this one was taken today.

Today I went to the park with Dad and youngest child. Met three other dogs, all of whom had tails.

I enjoyed the Puppy party, even though I made no friends, I did impress everyone, and my Mums efforts at training showed what a good boy I can be.

I am quite a relaxed sort of guy, hence the second picture, and check out the size of those feet!

more soon.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Here I am out for a walk, well, I had been walking, but I chose to sit at this point. I do sit when I get confused, and having a lead on can confuse me big time. I want to go where my nose tells me there is something to sniff, but whoever has the lead has obvoiusly not got my sense of smell. they just blindly go past all the best stuff. Most annoying. I am getting a bit used to this now, and have managed to stop spinning like a top every time they move in a way I had not chosen to go.
Grumpy Old Dog has not given me as much grief recently, and we even had a brief, but rough play in the garden yesterday.
I am eleven weeks old tomorrow, and expect a cake or something. However, it was not the best of days today, and yet again I have been challenged in the manner of behaviour towards guests. Fact is, I see people squealing and running away, I have to chase. Its a puppy thing. Cats meow, dogs bark, puppies chase. Some people just dont get it, and I end up getting it in the neck, with a loud BAD DOG, and a trip to the cage.
I quite like the little fella in the picture, he's good for a chase, and always leaves plenty of stuff out for me to chew, despite Dads nagging about it. One of my favorite things at the moment is to wake him up, early in the morning, by walking over his head. Sometines he thinks this is funny, other times he squeals. Both reactions are well worth it!!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I have to confess I could not resist it. Youngest child had helped herself to a biscuit. Then left the tin containing others on the floor.
It could not have been that naughty, or my Dad would not have grabbed camera first. To be honest, there were only a few in there. Tasted very nice though.
My party was cancelled yesterday, and Dad says I will have to go next week now. I am quite pleased about this, as I will be a lot bigger, and not so intimidated by my lead.
I have spent loads of time outside in the garden. My favourite spot is in some long grass by a bush. Here I have gathered many toys, and stones, to chew, roll on, and play with. I even managed to find a slug to play with. I presented it to my Mum, but was a bit puzzled by her reaction. She was not elated, and did not eat it, as befitting a present such as this. No, she shouted at me, and called in my Dad to take it away. I guess Mum and Dad don’t find these things as attractive as I do.
I have been out up the road on my lead today. Not keen on the lead, but loads of extra stuff to sniff and play with.
Grumpy Old Dog has still not played with me again, and this situation does not look like its going to change any time soon.
No car trips today, but some of the children friends were round earlier, and proved great sport. Why does everyone run away. It was only one ear. Its not like a habit, or a specific dietary requirement.